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Specialized Master's Degree in Regulatory Affairs Management of Fragrances and Cosmetics

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  • 5-month postgraduate program 

    5-month internship

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    Dates d'inscription

    Début : January 2021
    Fin : nous consulter

    Niveau d'entrée :


    Conditions d'admission

    • Engineering degree in Chemistry, Food Science, Biological Engineering
    • Master 2-level university diploma, 5 years’ higher education studies in Life Sciences, Chemistry, Pharmacy
    • Pharmacists, veterinarians, doctors in medecine
    • 1st year of Master’s, 4 years’ higher education studies with 3 years’ professional experience (manager) 
    • Fluent in English (TOEFL iBT 85)


    Modalités d'inscription

    • Selection on file, then interview
    • Motivation file to be downloaded
    • Application periods:
      >> Round 1 : Application deadlines 26 March 2021, interview 8 April

      >> Round 2 : Application deadlines 21 May, interview 1 June

      >> Round 3 : if there are places available 
    • Payment of a 30% deposit

    200€ for application handling fees (mandatory and non-refundable). Payable online. Click below to submit your payment. 

    Process online for application payment

    A specialized master accredited by CGE
    In partnership with EBI

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    Réussite aux examens

    session 2017 : 92%
    session 2016 : 100%
    session 2015 : 100%
    session 2014 : 100%

    Insertion professionnelle (à 7 mois)

    promotion 2018 : 67%
    promotion 2016 : 100%
    promotion 2015 : 80%
    promotion 2014 : n.c



    • Developing and marketing fragrances and cosmetics require the creation and management of a regulatory file, verifications that the products are effective and harmless, and cosmetovigilance monitoring.
    • In order to do all these things, professionals in the sector need to have good knowledge of ingredients and formulation techniques, and to manage risks from the product design phase all the way through to use by the consumer.
    • Evaluating potential risks inherent to the raw materials and compositions of products for use as cosmetics or fragrances, depending on their specific uses.
    • Evaluating and validating the regulatory compliance of products developed by development engineers.
    • Product safety evaluation techniques and the risks associated with using products.
    • Supervising and validating the preparation of regulatory files working with development engineers and external service providers.
    • Validating regulatory compliance of communication materials (packaging, labelling, advertising, etc.).
    • Organizing international regulatory intelligence activities or a cosmetovigilance system.
    • Crisis management and crisis communication.
    • Working with multiple internal and external stakeholders


    Course Contents

    • Approved raw materials and ingredients authorised for use in fragrances and cosmetics
    • The process for developing fragrances and cosmetic products
    • Assessing ingredients and finished products regarding their impact on human safety and the environment
    • European and international regulations governing fragrances and cosmetic products
    • Risk analysis and crisis management

    Learning Outcomes

    • Managing a regulatory file, checking the effectiveness and harmlessness of the products before they are placed
    • on the market
    • Assessing and managing risks from the product design phase through to their use by the consumer
    • Assessing and validating the regulatory conformity of the products
    • Being familiar with the techniques for assessing the safety of products and the risks of using a product
    • Validating the regulatory conformity of communication media (packaging, labelling, advertising, etc.)
    • Organising the monitoring of international regulations and a cosmetovigilance system
    • Managing a crisis and communication during a crisis
    • Working with multiple in-house and external stakeholders

    Les Plus

    92% success rate on examinations (promotion 2017)
    67% professional insertion rate (promotion 2018)


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    School of Engineer majoring in Biology


    Colette CAZIER
    Assistante Administrative et Pédagogique
    01 39 23 70 62
    Sylvie TOULGOAT
    Manager pédagogique
    01 39 23 70 57

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