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Our Resource Centre

The knowledge hub of ISIPCA


The Resource Center plays a central role within the ISIPCA learning community.

As a place of knowledge and learning, it is in charge of providing the documentary and methodological support our students, teachers and researchers require for their own work.

It guarantees the availability of qualified and updated scientific information on perfumes, cosmetics and food flavors.

At the same time, it acts as an observatory of the innovations at work in our industries, and distributes the outcome of this monitoring to its students, teachers and collaborators. It thus contributes to the construction of a prospective vision for the benefit of the school's teachings.

Through its promotion of events - conferences, exhibitions, competitions - it aims to be a space for sharing, exchanging, favourable to creative emulation with the aim of nurturing a real spirit of curiosity among ISIPCA students!


A unique on-site offer

When entering ISIPCA, all the students are offered an individualized and secure access to a series of digital services, essential to the success of their education. First of all, and in a classic way, they are given access to a dedicated school portal, giving them access to their updated course schedules.

In addition, all students are given individual access to the BlackBoard Ultra educational platform, where they will find, for each of their courses, resources provided by their teachers, teaching aids and materials for further study after class. This digital learning space is a real extension of the courses provided in the laboratories or in the classrooms, whether they are resources to be worked on asynchronously, before or after the courses, or learning delivered synchronously, in a virtual classroom for example.

Finally, as soon as they start their training at ISIPCA, all our students benefit from the creation of an email address which ensures the link between them, their teachers, the school staff and the company or companies in which they will evolve during their studies. Thanks to this email address, they also have access to the Google office suite, an essential tool for all the group work they will have to carry out during their training at ISIPCA.

A digital and dedicated offer


All ISIPCA students have access to databases that are essential for their work.

Sector market studies, scientific and regularly updated databases are used as a support for pedagogical work, but also for the research activities of our teachers in carrying out their work, publications and speeches at scientific conferences.

These resources are accessible online, from the campus or remotely. The Resource Center also extends to a dedicated BlackBoard digital space, where our students have access to additional and original resources (current events, selection of useful websites, replays of Thursday conferences, etc.).

A way to go on learning, but in a different way and in distant mode!

Information comes to you


Thanks to its central position and its permanent watch, the Resource Center regularly organizes Thursday afternoon web conferences, which are an opportunity for our students to deepen their academic knowledge through the testimonies of experienced professionals on key subjects (sustainable development, industry 4.0, research work, etc.).

It completes this awareness and information system by distributing a bi-weekly press review on the news of the markets addressed by ISIPCA, by means of three exclusive newsletters, reserved for the members of the ISIPCA educational community and, first and foremost, for its students.

A technical and scientific state of the art, in the form of a review, is also sent every month to our partner companies, external speakers and alumni.

This News en Notes is the result of the documentary and scientific excellence of the ISIPCA Resource Center.

Last modification on 20.06.2022