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History and Values


Our History

ISIPCA was established in 1970 on the initiative of Jean-Jacques Guerlain, a renowned perfumer. It is the leading school for the perfumes, cosmetics and food flavours industries. It transmits a singular and worldwide unique French expertise in the scientific, technical, marketing and commercial application areas to French, international students, and industry professionals.

In this context, ISIPCA offers a wide range of technical and commercial training courses leading to diplomas and certifications, either on a Dual Training System (DTS) or on a full-time basis, from A-Level High School Diploma to post M2 Master's Degree Level, delivered in French and English.

ISIPCA also hosts its own scientific platform enabling to carry out applied scientific research.

ISIPCA is part of the "'École Supérieure de la Production de la Mode et du Luxe" of the Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

ISIPCA delivers high-level  teaching based on :

  • The knowledge of raw materials,
  • The mastery of formulation, analysis and control techniques,
  • The knowledge of consumer needs.

Our values


Joining ISIPCA first means adopting a vision and acquiring excellent knowledge, know-hows and interpersonal skills always guided by the values of inspiration, mastery and ambition.


Cultivating passion and creativity for each of our students so that they become inspired and inspiring people.


Transmitting the precise gestures necessary to acquire exceptional expertise.


Seeking the highest standards to contribute to the development of our sectors and to reveal the talents of our learners, thanks to the commitment of our collaborators and teachers.
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