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Digital Learning

Our convictions in digital education


Although a large part of ISIPCA's teaching is given in specialized and equipped laboratories, and part of the know-how it provides is based on the senses and the execution of very precise technical gestures, ISIPCA is convinced that digital technology, if used wisely, can contribute to reinforcing the excellence and influence of its teaching.

The development of our digital pedagogical offer, beyond a digital culture, is a central issue in our strategy. It is first because digital technology allows us to provide our students with a variety of resources allowing them to prepare and then, at the end of the sequences carried out in class or in practical work, to consolidate their learning. Then it is because it opens up spaces of exchange with their teachers but also between peers, and finally it is because today's working world requires digital skills and collaborative knowledge.


Un outillage numérique sur mesure

When entering ISIPCA, all student  are offered an individualized and secured access to a series of digital services, essential to the success of their education. First of all, and in a classic way, they are given access to a dedicated schooling portal, giving them access to their updated course schedules.

In addition, all students are given individualized access to the BlackBoard Ultra educational platform, where they can find, for each of their courses, resources provided by their teachers, teaching aids and materials for further study of the work done in class. This digital learning space is a real extension of the lessons given in the laboratories or in the classrooms, whether they are resources to be worked on asynchronously, before or after the courses, or learning delivered synchronously, in a virtual classroom for example.

Finally, as soon as they start their training at ISIPCA, all our students benefit from the creation of an email address which ensures the link between them, their teachers, the school staff and the company or companies in which they will evolve during their studies. Thanks to this email address, they also have access to the Google office suite, an essential tool for the collaborative work they will do during their training at ISIPCA.

Innovative educational contents


With these tools, ISIPCA implements a proactive policy of digital content production, to further strengthen the learning of its students, in initial and continuing education. ISIPCA has produced and animated two MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses), one on Perfume, and the other one on Food Flavors, in partnership with the SNIAA.

A MOOC on Cosmetics is currently being prepared, in partnership with Cosmetic Valley, and will be launched at the end of the first half of 2022. The content produced during these two online courses is injected into the digital courses offered to our students, in addition to the content delivered in laboratories and classrooms.

Another future topic for ISIPCA is the production and animation of educational sequences in a virtual reality universe. A first module, currently under construction and supported by OCAPIAT, will immerse our learners in the environment of an entirely virtualized laboratory, to allow them to acquire, in a universe identical in all respects to the spaces they are expected to evolve in, the full set of skills attached to good laboratory practices.

Last modification on 20.06.2022