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Scientific services

Presentation of our services


With our expertise in the field of perfumery, cosmetics and food flavors, we provide 4 main types of services in these areas of focus. These services and these transversal expertises are now also open to other fields of activity: pharmaceutical, agriculture, food industry sectors ...

  • Analytical chemistry
  • Sensory analysis
  • Formulation
  • Olfactory references

Services in Analytical Chemistry


In analytical chemistry, there are different types of services:

  • Control/Quality of raw materials;
  • Characterization of the volatile compounds of a perfume or a flavor compound;
  • De-formulation;
  • Monitoring the impact of manufacturing processes on the final product;
  • Development of extraction methods: supercritical CO2, ultrasound, headspace, ...

There are many tools used to perform these services:

  • GC-FID and GC-MS; SPME / ITEX / HeadSpace / TDS/Stirbar coupled to GC-FID and GC-MS;
  • CPG-Olfactometry;
  • SCF-DAD-MS; SFE; SFE-SCF; SFE-SCF-MS/MS (triple quadripole)
  • Soxhlet, ultrasonic, microwave extraction;
  • HPLC-UV ;

Services in Sensory Analysis


The Scientific Platform provides many services: product description by conventional and alternative descriptive methods (profile, mini-profile, flash profile, sorting, ...);

Difference studies by discriminative tests (triangular, 2AFC, ...);

Consumer studies (qualitative, quantitative);

Correlation studies between sensory measurements and instrumental measurements

Our structure also accompanies the training of its partners for the creation of panels, the follow-up of leading panels, the creation of questionnaires, ...

Numerous panels at your disposal: panel of external experts in olfaction, internal panels and student panels.

A laboratory fully equipped with AFNOR standard boxes with PCs equipped with Fizz and XLStat software and drying evaluation booths for olfaction tests in functional perfumery.

Services in formulation


ISIPCA's stock of raw materials and ingredients, its laboratories and equipment allow the Scientific Platform team to formulate laboratory prototypes on demand in perfumery, cosmetics, food flavoring and food applications.

Services in the production of olfactory referents


The expertise in olfaction and the knowledge of the olfactory characteristics of raw materials for perfumery and food flavors allow the Scientific Platform to produce on demand olfactory referents for the training of panels, for the determination of product spaces, ...

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