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The Scientific Platform

Presentation of the Scientific Platform


The Scientific Platform of contributes to scientific research and development applied to perfumery, cosmetics and food flavors.

Companies can use this research structure through services and/or scientific collaborations. ISIPCA thus accompanies companies in their innovation processes, product developments, R&D, Quality Control, ...

The team of doctors and laboratory engineers offers its expertise in sensory analysis, extraction and eco-extraction, analytical chemistry, formulation and preparation of olfactory references.

This expertise is also made available to the school and its students to ensure the best teaching in the context of practical work and tutored projects.

Presentation of the team


The Scientific Platform team is a multidisciplinary team with 3 PhDs and 2 laboratory engineers:

  • Emilie Descours - PhD - Lecturer - Researcher : Chemistry/ Analytical Chemistry - Flavors and food products
  • Zeineb Nhouchi - PhD - Teacher - Researcher : Sensory Analysis / Statistics
  • Cyrille Santerre - PhD - Teacher - Researcher : - Chemistry/  Analytical Chemistry and Eco extractions - Cosmetics
  • Annaïck Ravier - Head of chemistry laboratories - Head of Lab services : Analytical Chemistry
  • Pauline Chalut - Laboratory Engineer – Head of Lab services : Sensory Analysis
  • Nadine Vallet - PhD – Head of the Scientific Platform: Biochemistry / Analytical Chemistry

Presentation of the laboratories


The 14 laboratories of the school allow the Scientific Platform to meet a large number of needs in services and R&D.

Specific equipment for R&D / services :

A supercritical CO2 extraction equipment specially designed for R&D needs which allows to work with a wide range of CO2 pressure, up to 1000 Bars and which can be coupled with the SCF. Ultrasonic, microwave, Soxhlet and all headspace techniques complete the offer - Analyses are done by CPG-MS; SPME/CPG-MS; DHS/ TDS/CPG-MS; CPG-FPD; SFC-MS; HPLC with statistical reprocessing.

A panel of external experts specifically trained in olfaction and internal panels as well as student panels perform the sensory tests. The odor wheel is a specific tool created for the training of the panelists and their evaluations.

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