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Research & development

Our ambition


Keeping pace with the necessity to respond to the demands of companies, the platform has opted for a concentration of its research activity around a major issue: sustainable development.
In that respect, we are interested in "green" chemistry and "green" extraction and characterization methods. Hence the investment in various eco-extraction and eco-analysis equipment.

ISIPCA is also the reference in olfaction: the knowledge of this sense and the mechanisms of interaction with touch, vision, taste are essential. Sensory perception impacts the emotions and behavior of consumers, which itself evolves with society. Sensory perception and consumer perception are the focus of the Platform's work.

The expertise in analytical chemistry and sensory analysis allows the Platform to develop tools and methods to meet the various demands of companies and partner research units.

Two major projects of the "Green Chemistry - Sustainable Development" line


LIPOCOSM : development of innovative extracts from various natural sources through green processes, for the creation of a new range of hybrid cosmetic products. Project in partnership with Clarins, CNRS, CTIBIOTECH, STANIPHARM and AFSC accredited by Cosmetic Valley: FUI 25 funding.

BioBasedFilm : development and characterization of food packaging made from biosourced materials from agriculture. Natural active ingredients are incorporated to bring functionality to the packaging. Upcycling will be promoted. Consumer perception will be studied. Project in progress to find partners.

Two major projects of the "Sensory perception and consumer perception" line


Neurona : Understanding the mechanisms of olfactory learning for students and for people in continuing education and/or professional transition. Study of the impact of learning on sensory perception and memory capacities.

Projet en cours de montage : study of olfaction-touch interactions and impact on consumer perception for cosmetic products.

Example of a tool developed by the Scientific Platform


The Odor Wheel

ISIPCA is the school of senses and more particularly of olfaction. For strategic reasons and to stand the competition, it was necessary to have a panel of external experts in olfaction for all types of products. To train this panel in an optimal way, it was necessary to develop a specific tool: the Odor Wheel.

It is a multi-product sensory tool, an evolving tool that is broader than existing sensory wheels to cover the olfactory description of all types of products. The objective was to have a differentiating, digitized tool, with an intuitive, practical and visual interface, capable of centralizing, optimizing, making reliable, storing and tracing data. This application also had to be scalable, durable, secure and adaptable to the activity.

Our school worked in collaboration with the company Kréatys to create the Odor Wheel.

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