Partenaires Plateforme Scientifique 2023

Become a partner of The Scientific Platform


ISIPCA and its Scientific Platform interact with many partners for services and scientific collaborations:

  • Competitiveness clusters: Cosmetic Valley, Vitagora,
  • Universities and colleges in France and abroad: University of Nice-Côte d'Azur, CY University, AgroparisTech, University of Zagreb in Croatia, University of Abidjan in Ivory Coast, CNRS (ICSN), EBI, ...
  • the Cosmetomics platform of CY Alliance companies : Aryballe, Clarins, Roquette, Alvea, Salins, L'Occitane, Demptos, StaniPharm, Cargill, Ateliers Fluides Supercitiques, .............

Examples of collaboration


University of Abidjan in Ivory Coast: Analysis of fermented drinks based on Sorghum and drinks based on Palm Wine

Demptos : Sensory characterization of oak wood molecules

ISIPCA, as a member, offers its expertise and services to the CY Alliance Cosmetomics Platform (--> link to the cosmetomics platform website)

Join us and let’s work together !


You are a company:

  • to guide you through your developments and your scientific innovations
  • to engage in scientific research for your applications
  • to exchange and sustain a good scientific watch

You are an Academic

  • to develop science, to set up scientific projects in partnership
  • to exchange trainees, post-doctoral students, to welcome doctoral students
  • to exchange professors
  • to exchange and promote scientific intelligence
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