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Philosophy magazine's report on our school: How about we learned to feel the world? ( 5 may 2022)
Philosophie Magasine

The effectiveness of scents in the home: With our aromachology teacher, Patty Canac (29 march 2022)

Review of the second conference on French vanillas at ISIPCA  (7 march 2022)
Tahiti Nui Télévision

Delphine Jelk : It's the dimension of perfume as a link to childhood that led me to the profession of perfumer
(16 february 2022)
Magazine Nez

Finding the way back to smells and tastes with targeted therapies: With Sonia Garçon Pichon (2 february 2022)
Est Republicain

Investigation of pyramid schemes on the internet and a focus on fake perfumes with the participation of Sabine Raynal, professor at ISIPCA (2 february 2022)
Journal 20h TF1

Perfumery profession, 78-hour advanced university course. IL Gazzzttino (13 january 2022)

University of Padua: launch of the course to become perfume professionals with ISIPCA.
Il Resto Del Carlino - PADOVA (12 january 2022)

A look back at EXPLOUD, the first collaboration between Symrise and Laboratorio Olfattivo with Pierre-Constantin Guéros, a former student of ISIPCA. (2 january 2022)

Meeting with the co-founder of the olfactory cultural movement Nez, Jeanne Doré, ISIPCA alumni. (31 december 2021)

NEZ magazine's dossier to choose your school to become a perfumer with a focus on ISIPCA (6 december 2021)

Profession: Perfume designer with Frédéric Burtin, ISIPCA Alumni (4 december 2021)

Recruitment: 15,000 jobs in the cosmetics industry by 2022 (2 december 2021),1357935.html

Perfume: studies, jobs, opportunities (12 november 2021)

Francis Kurkdjian (ISIPCA Alumni), Dior's bold new nose (21 october 2021)

Meeting with the founder of ScenTree, Maxime Baud - Alumni ISIPCA (10 september 2021)

Bruno Jovanovic (Alumni ISIPCA), nouveau Senior Perfumer chez Firmenich (7 may 2021),18423

Ajnalogie, the meeting of perfume and aromachology. Meeting with Agathe Jacquinet (ISIPCA Alumni)
(19 february 2021),18004

Supercritical CO₂ extraction - Cyrille Santerre - ISIPCA (21 september 2020)

My ISIPCA Experience: The Most Famous Perfumery School by Eau De Tsuki (2 april 2020)

ISIPCA and IFF celebrate the first graduates of the Master of Scent Design & Creation (26 june 2019),15242

Portrait by the magazine l'Etudiant of one of our alumni, Elodie Cottin (2 may 2019)
"How I became a fragrance evaluator"

Forbes magazine article on our school ISIPCA "À L'Ecole Des Parfumeurs" (23 january 2019)



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