Regulatory Affairs Management - Cover

Post-Master’s Degree® in Regulatory Affairs Management of Fragrance and Cosmetics

Pré-requis : BAC+ 5



Presentation of the course

This training course will provide you with B-to-B and B-to-C opportunities throughout the safety and regulatory chain: from the supplier to the distributor in the fields of fragrances and cosmetics.

  • Course code

    Conférence des Grandes écoles

Objectives of the course

  • Managing a regulatory file, checking the effectiveness and harmlessness of the products before the launch on the market
  • Assessing and managing risks from the product design phase to the consumer hands
  • Assessing and validating the regulatory conformity of the products
  • Being familiar with the techniques for assessing the safety of products and the risks of using a product
  • Validating the regulatory conformity of communication media (packaging, labelling, advertising, etc.)
  • Organising the monitoring of international regulations and a cosmetovigilance system
  • Managing a crisis and deploy communication skills during a crisis
  • Working with multiple in-house and external stakeholders


1 year
ISIPCA - Versailles
De 10/2023 à
03/2024 (then internship)

Distance course with 5 days face-to-face

Full time

Cost of the training:

  • Students and young graduates: 10,250 € all inclusive
  • Employees: 15,000 € excl taxes

Application fee:

  • 200€ The registration fees are non-refundable and must be paid online when submitting you application.
  • 30% of 10 250€ to be paid upon acceptation




Début des inscriptions
January 2024
Fin des inscriptions
September 2024
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Titre pré-requis
Admission requirements

  • Engineering degree from chemical, food sciences, biological engineering schools
  • Master 2-level university diploma, 5 years’ higher education studies (life sciences, chemistry)
  • Pharmacists, veterinarians, doctors in medecine
  • 1st year of Master’s, 4 years’ higher education studies with 3 years’ professional experience (manager)

Titre modalité d'inscription
Admission procedures

Modalités d'inscription

Recruitment process

  • Round 1 : Closing of Applications on March 25th
  • Round 2 : Closing of Applications on April 29th
  • Round 3 : Closing of Applications on June 10th
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