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Advanced perfumery composition [SUMMER SCHOOL]

Pré-requis :

Formation courte , 5 days - 35 hours


Learn how to facet various accords (main accords of perfumery) and to design a fragrance from a brief.

Objectives of the course

At the end of the training course, participants will be able to :

  • Create the main perfumery accords.
  • Develop a perfume from a brief.


Complementary training courses

Depending on your professional project, you can complete your training by choosing from the following courses:

5 days - 35 hours
ISIPCA - Versailles
Full-Time / in-person

Full time course on site

Company funding, Personal funding

Online payment: deposit 30 %, balance before training starts 70%



Début des inscriptions
January 2024
Fin des inscriptions
One month before opening and according to availability and after if places are available
Contact admissions
Myriam Polygone

Titre pré-requis


Target audience :

  • Anyone wishing to learn about the advanced methods of perfumery composition
  • Participants planning on starting their own business
  • Perfumers who want thorough knowledge on perfumery composition

Prerequisites & Enrolment details :

To have attended The art of Perfumery à la française

Titre modalité d'inscription
Admission procedures

Modalités d'inscription
  • E-mail,
  • Application form : signed and ID copy,
  • Payment by bank transfer: deposit 30 %, balance before training starts 70%

Session dates

Next session : 

  • July 15th - July 19th 2024


Raw materials

  • Provide a global comprehensive vision of natural essential synthetic raw materials a (Olfaction, obtaining, price regulation…) which enter the composition of fragrance accords.

The main accords

  • Know the raw materials which enter the composition of the main accords, and to compose 5 accords which are part of the following olfactive groups : Fruity, Oriental, Afforested, Cyprus, Fougère.

Floral accords

  • Identify the raw materials which are common to certain accords and restore the scent of the dumb flowers.
  • Control the composition of 5 floral basic accords and the proportions of ingredients.
  • Understand how the addition of certain raw materials transforms these accords.
  • Identify to what extent these agreements allow to characterize plans (length: 1 day by accord).
  • Types of seen accords: Rose/Peony/Carnation Jasmine/Tuberose Lily of the valley/Hyacinth Honeysuckle/Lilas Mimosa/Violette.
  • Use the seen accords to develop new fragrances.

  • Perfumery accords composition in laboratory.
  • Discovery of natural and synthetic raw materials, which will be used in the accords composition.

  • Laboratories
  • Workshops
  • Fully equipped plenary rooms
  • Site visit

Quizz after each session


The Strong points

Advanced perfumery composition

Customer satisfaction rate on the training course
Number of trainees enrolled at ISIPCA per year

Accessibility for people with disabilities


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