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Apply to ISIPCA


For initial training


You are a high school or university student and you wish to continue your studies in a higher education course.
You will find below the different steps to apply for one of our full-time or apprenticeship initial training courses, depending on the case.

  1. Download the application form for your course:
    ISIPCA - International Courses EN
  2. Fill in the application form and save it in PDF format
  3. Click on the link here and start your apply.
  4. Fill in the different fields requested
  5. Attach the requested documents and the motivation file
  6. Keep your login and password to be able to return to your motivation file

At the end of this step, you will receive an email indicating that your registration has been successful.

For continuing education

You are an employee or a job seeker, looking for a new training course for a professional retraining or to deepen your knowledge.
You will find below the different steps to apply for one of our short or long courses.

  1. Download the registration form
  2. Save your form and send it by email to Mme Myriam Polygone
Following your email, we will contact you.


For more information on our international courses, please contact us!

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