From senses to expertise

Take advantage of the summer: form in the universe of the French-style perfume and cosmetic!

Dimanche 15 janvier 2017 Actualités

Students or professionals fascinated by the universe of the French-style perfume and cosmetic, you wish to learn, to discover, to smell, to create with our teams of trainers! THE ISIPCA opens every summer his Summer School : "The art of the French perfume shop and the cosmetic".
The educational program is allowing by workshops, conferences and visits of companies to discover this French approach to the universe of the perfume shop and the cosmetic, which will highlight love of gestures, pleasure of the senses and the passion of products anchored in a history and a strong culture of beautiful realizations.
The program is structured in the form of 2 independent and complementary training courses, the one on the perfume shop of 10 days, the other one on the cosmetic of 5 days. In the term of the training, the participants will receive an ISIPCA certificate.


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